One More For George Harrison – My Sweet Lord



in spite of the lawsuits involving this song, My Sweet Lord, the first and biggest single by George Harrison, is now a classic. Many will not probably remember the Chiffon’s He’s So Fine, which George subconsciously plagiarized based on the court’s ruling, but they still and will continue to remember My Sweet Lord, because it is more familiar and, believe it or not, receives airplay to date across the globe. But before I am tempted to give my two cents on this issue, I wish simply to say that My Sweet Lord remains an engaging and engulfing song for me.

What attracted me to it is George’s voice and singing. He knew very well how to deliver the effect that he probably intended for the audience, but which many probably missed and continue to miss. Listen to the first part of the song and George seems only wishing to see and be with the Lord. But as the song progresses, this wish also builds up to a more intense level, which turned eventually to a desire and longing. How his voice communicated this plus elevating the song one note higher did the trick. One would feel that longing quite easily.

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