The Greatest Love Of All – George Benson


This is one big thing lyrically. Remember quoting this for a youth leadership seminar way back in the 1980s never realizing full well that liberal, almost libertarian, drift of the song, which I now fully embrace. I was never anything but a liberal after all.

This became the theme for Muhammad Ali’s biopic The Greatest, which makes the song worthy of note if only people find out, for example, that “Linda Creed wrote the lyrics in the midst of her struggle with breast cancer. The words describe her feelings about coping with great challenges that one must face in life, being strong during those challenges whether you succeed or fail, and passing that strength on to children to carry with them into their adult lives.” That’s the beauty of songwriting. It is intended for one theme but the real score is in the writer’s personal experience. How the audience eventually relates with it is a new angle altogether.

Learning how to love oneself sometimes a person tends to forget. Because probably it is always a realization in different stages of one’s life. Life pursuits could be several and sometimes they obliterate one’s thinking. The point being is whatever they are, no matter what place they occupy in one’s life, one should never never lose the love for himself and herself. So simple, yet so complicated in real life.

I may have already done something as the first verse suggests, I may have also fulfilled the lines in the chorus, where despite my own combination of failures, weaknesses, little successes, I still hold my head up high. My mistakes, old and new, and those I probably continue to commit, are my own choices suffering their consequences deeply in the end. Redemption comes in the last line though: And if by chance, that special place/That you’ve been dreaming of/Leads you to a lonely place/Find your strength in love.

Such a classic. Here is the link –



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