Just Beatles


I came home with a friend and I played for him Michelle. We both enjoyed the song knowing it’s personal for him but what song followed next just gave me goose bumps – In My Life. I was playing the red album of the group, which is the LenMacHar greatest songs. I haven’t played the song for over two months, because of many reasons. But playing it once again, or more accurately, hearing it again unintentionally is something else. The feeling it evoked is more than nostalgia but one of association, identification and even love for the Fab Four.  That music is something else, the lyrics, the melody, the delivery, the vocal harmony, the memory association. I am old and getting older by the day, that’s probably why I feel this way. But I just love this song. It’s your life compressed in over two minutes. The song captured it all no matter what your circumstances are. Simply genius!



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