Nowhere Man


I feel like a nowhere man, “…sitting in his nowhere land making all his nowhere plans for nobody.” Am I contented, satisfied? If yes, feeling half empty or half full? Every day is a battle of emotions, feelings, perspectives, treatment of the day to come. There are times it is a patient waiting for the candle to burn. In a word, a battle with oneself. I always look at the big picture, what a day means and how it figures and serves as a building block for the castle in my head. That’s the way I live warts and all.

“…Nowhere man, don’t worry; take your time, don’t hurry. Leave it all til somebody lends you a hand…” It can’t be a personal battle or war or plan. What is personal is to be able to train yourself to your vision, fix your mindset and your whole self, but be open to whoever comes along to help out achieve your desired world order.

“Important encounters are planned by the SOULS before the bodies see each other,” says Paulo Coehlo. I tend to believe this one, and I hope it is true in my case.

Here’s the video of a live performance by The Fabs of the song in Munich, Germany in 1966. Classic John singing pose is captured here; a rather good version except for the vocals of George in the second verse, which sounded a little off, but he got in the groove anyway. But there’s some reason to this.

The Threetles admitted as quoted in Songfacts, “The Beatles in 1994/1995 (sans Lennon of course) agreed this was a difficult song to do live with the close harmonies involved. Keep in mind, the speakers at the time were relatively small-stadium rock was still a couple of years away. No monitors were used either. Basically, McCartney and Harrison agreed that without the technology and quietness of the studio, the harmonies were difficult because of the screaming of the fans and their instruments. They couldn’t hear themselves or each other. Beautiful song and those guys could sing like birds. – Brian, Glace Bay, NS.”

A self-reflective classic song.


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