John Lennon: The Music

His music touched the lives of generations.

sunking2001, a year ago: “John Lennon…you are loved by so many…you gave us so many eternal classics! This one is just…”another example.””

Death is just getting out of one car and going into another.

James Scott, 10 months ago:”I was the walrus, but now I’m John….damn. He was prophet, a poet, and one of the most amazing men to ever live. I know it’s impossible to miss someone who died before you were born, but I do, Daily. This man has taught me and showed me more about being a human being than anyone else. And I’m not afraid to say that I’m a devout Christian. John Lennon….I miss you brother.”

Finally finding domestic bliss towards the end of his life.

MissDistarr60, a week ago:”Perhaps I will get flack for this comment, but I think people are missing the point of this video.  This brilliant man lived his life on HIS terms.  He stepped out of the spotlight to spend time with his family, maybe because he realized how much he missed out with his first child.  But everyone around him didn’t care about what was important to him.  They were far more concerned about him ruining his career.  “I’m just sitting watching the wheels go round and round,  I really love to watch them roll.  No longer riding on the merry-go-round.  I just had to let it go”.  Those words speak volumes.  The world suffered a terrible loss when he died.  But while he was alive, he chose HIS OWN PATH and appears to be  happy in doing so.  Kudo’s to him.”

Well said, MissDistarr60!

All with, for and about Yoko in the end.

Ralph Splutterbean, two months ago:”to all those Yoko haters, she was the love of john’s life. she offered him the true alternative to what was thrown at him on a daily basis. she challenged him on an artistic level and inspired him to create better more original music than he did when he was in the band.”


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