Productions Inspired by John Lennon’s Music

There are some movie and TV productions inspired by the music of John. The first one is the TV series Cold Case, Season 6, Episode 18 aired in 2009. It’s called Mind Games.

JamieinMN two years ago said, “this is the episode where I discovered this song. Have loved it ever since.” Five years ago, Henry K declared, “1)New fan of the show. 2)Big fan of John Lennon 3)My FAVORITE John Lennon song!”

Well the youtube link is just a teaser for the episode sadly.

We will not, of course, miss I Am Sam, which starred Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning about parental dramedy.

This next one is not completely a Lennon-centered production, but the imprints are all over. There also figures John Coltrane rather prominently. If you are a music lover, you will love this film.

Across the Universe is inspired by The Beatles music by and large, but John’s songs in it are so prominent though. I can’t get the link here because Sony Music prevented it, but here’s the trailer instead. This is the best of all the productions.

In 2013, this came out as a result of John’s trip and stay in Almeria, Spain in 1966 filming the antiwar film How I Won The War. Haven’t seen this one. I would suppose it’s like a fiction featuring John or The Beatles. Something interesting. I read that Dick Lester, the director of A Hard Day’s Night, Help and How I Won The War dismissed any knowledge of John meeting this teacher.

Danny Collins with Al Pacino in the lead role. Forty years ago, Lennon wrote Danny Collins a letter that the latter did not receive until now. Here’s the full set of trailers. Watched this early this year, but I am not so much impressed. It’s still worth viewing if one is a Beatles fan. Al Pacino remains great and Annette Bening ever elegant. Their exchanges are simply superb.




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