Remembering John

George Martin: “I think John was a kind of a Salvador Dali of music. He had so gracious imagination, tremendous. But he wasn’t able to put it down in words and music.”

“This is a special on John Lennon featuring interviews with Mr. Pobjoy, George Martin, Bob Wooler, Alan Williams, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Julian Lennon and May Pang. Broadcast December 9, 1985 and hosted by Wolfman Jack.”



5 thoughts on “Remembering John

    1. Wow so it’s your birthday tomorrow. Have a swell time Deanne. The documentary is a first gen documentary i guess. But it’s my first time to see it. It’s produced five years after John’s death

      1. It’s still December 7th where I’m at; so it’s not quite tomorrow for me😉. I believe you’re roughly 12 hours ahead of me. It’s my first time seeing this documentary as well. I’ve seen a couple of interviews with John and Yoko. I’ve also read a book is first wife wrote.

      2. That’s a good book warts and all. Cynthia was just being candid, yet still cautious. Of course, some press people took angles from the book differently, if not maliciously, just to have something to write about. Cheers!

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