Quantico Quotes and Music

Quantico ABC.jpg

Wiki: “The series follows a group of young FBI recruits; each has a specific reason for joining. Flashbacks detail their previous lives, while the recruits battle their way through training at the academy in Quantico, Virginia. However, the series reveals in a flash forward twist that one of the recruits, upon graduating from the academy, will be suspected of masterminding the biggest terror attack on New York City since the September 11 attacks in 2001.”

“In dealing with a crime, the evidence tells you how; psychology tells you why. It allows you to know the criminal” – Miranda, Episode 3

“The longer you stare at something, the more out of focus it becomes. Finding the truth could be simple; it’s accepting the simplicity that is hard.” – Dr. Susan Langdon played by Anne Heche, Episode 9

“Sir, with respect, when all the people you trust most are all on one side and you’re the only one on the other. What that does make you?”- Natalie Vasquez, Episode 9

Quantico’s selection of soundtrack cuts across genres and periods, but some songs are just too powerful blending with the scenes perfectly, especially these four songs featured here taken from the most recent episodes 8-10. The whole listing of background songs used in the season is available in the first link above.




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