Remembering Charlie Chaplin

Several weeks ago I posted in my Facebook page the great speech Charlie gave in the film The Great Dictator as a foreboding parody of Nazism. Right there and then I felt the urge to watch Chaplin starring Robert Downey Jr, my favorite actor of my generation, but it would take me until today to see the film once again. It is more meaningful. The parallels between his films, his private life, and his social circumstances figured prominently well in some of his great scenes: for one, Syd’s separation from him at an early age found resemblance in the Little Tramp’s attempt to get his ‘adopted’ child back from police custody.

Robert Downey did the role justice and surpassed expectations. A great feat!

Here’s the film and the ending part of Modern Times, another social statement from Charlie during the depression era, in which Charlie used the song he composed for it, Smile.



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