John At His Most Experimental in Revolver

Daniel Martinez opined a year ago, “A very underrated Beatles song.”

Abby Acosta five months ago intimated, “Canción favorita de ese álbum😍🌸” Very much mine myself!

The role of LSD in John’s music during this period may have been triggered by “Dr. Robert.”

John may have succumbed to the melodic charm of Paul’s songs in this album; he declared For No One and Here There & Everywhere as Paul’s finest, but his own songs revealed his character and the musical direction he was heading to at this phase in Beatles career.

And now…

Geronimo Watch On some two months ago put forward an insight, “The Revolver album marks a decisive and distinct change from the earlier ones the Beatles produced.It strongly suggests that the original Fab Four were shifting away from the usual kiddies’ stuff they were assembling and graduating into songs that are decidedly sophisticated and adult in nature.John,Paul,George and Ringo knew all along they that the tunes they blared out had a generational effect.The English quartet realised that like it or not,they must adapt with the changing times,circumstances and requirement that always besets the music scene.And Revolver,released in 1966,reflects the Beatles’ ability to evolve with the ever changing times.”



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