Paul At His Best In Revolver

Ben Hottinga three months ago declared, “One of the greatest songs  of McCartney (and the Beatles!).” Agree!

Ssfinch Stmartin three weeks ago, said, “What beautiful lyrics! And such beautiful harmonizing! John says its one of his favorites, than I believe it. Quite a compliment. :)” McCartney at his best in Revolver IMHO

nycinstyle a year ago pushed, “A showcase for the voice of Paul McCartney. Crystal clear beautiful vocal track placed into this song. One of McCartney’s finest, ever.”

Ricky Zeichner confessed a month ago, “Even though I didn’t grow up in the 1960s, and I was born in the mid-90s, my parents introduced me to the Beatles in 2002 when I was 8. Listening to the Beatles and other music like this growing up was the best thing that happened to me. I was one of the few kids in my generation to know who the Beatles are. I even saw Sir Paul in concert in 2010 and he’s still got it. One of the greatest band’s in the history of music!”

And one of the finest Paul has ever written…


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