Watch “Top 100 Best Songs of All Time (1950 – 2013)” on YouTube

Entertaining, sometimes funny. When you have time for this kind of compilation, you have the Top 10 songs in your head. Sometimes they vary in position but you get to guess some of them and be surprised for those you think should be in the lower positions, if at all.

It’s almost a tie between Queen and The Beatles when it comes to the band category and between Michael Jackson and Elvis for the male artist fave. It’s Mariah Carey for the female counterpart category.

It’s not without issues though given the subjective nature of this kind of thing. For example, why choose People Are Strange for the only The Doors entry? Why not The End or Light My Fire? Bob Dylan only had Like A Rolling Stone in the list?

But it relaxes the mind, this guessing game though. What more? Some of the songs I really dig this time are included in the list, which makes it pretty gratifying.

Watch if you’ve got some time for this sort of a countdown. It’s pretty hard to put things together. So the author deserves some kudos for this whole effort.

Merry Chrsitmas


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