Two From George Harrison

I was looking for a song from George’s catalog and I was surprised it escaped me. I was watching Tripped a new alternate reality TV series and this song, or two lines of it, just kept badgering me. But I couldn’t place the song. So looked up his discography and went to his first solo post-Beatles project All Things Must Pass. The first song is I’d Have You Anytime. Its gloomy mood, which is similar to the song in my head, made me think, “This is it!” But I was wrong. I’m posting both anyway, they are beautiful songs only George can write.

The song is Someplace Else from the album Cloud Nine. How I got it? Googled the lines I had in mind. Well, I didn’t get the lines quite right anyway but it churned out the song.

From the youtube post:“This is the album version of “Someplace Else” by legendary Beatle “George Harrison”. The original version of this song appeared on the soundtrack to the 1986 film Shanghai Surprise (starring Madonna & Sean Penn). It was later re-recorded and produced by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) frontman “Jeff Lynne” for Harrison’s 1987 album “Cloud Nine”.

“Although never released as a single and with no original video as such (for the album version) the track remains a huge favourite amongst fans. So as a tribute to this remarkable mans talents we have pieced together some promotional footage taken from the motion picture to form our own unique attempt at a clip to go with this beautiful version of a Harrison classic.

“We hope you enjoy & RIP George.

“Cloud Nine was a successful 1987 comeback album by George Harrison, recorded and released after a five year hiatus from his recording career. As home to the smash hit “Got My Mind Set on You”, Cloud Nine re-established Harrison as a critically-acclaimed and commercially-significant recording artist. It was also George Harrison’s final studio album released in his lifetime.”


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