Nightingale/December Song w/ Lyrics – Sunset Rubdown

Limitless Season 1, Episode 13 closing credits soundtrack. ProgRock in the tradition of Jethro Tull.

Wiki: Sunset Rubdown was a Canadian art rock music group from Montreal. The band began as a solo project for Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade, who released his debut, Snake’s Got a Leg, in early 2005. Eventually the concept expanded to become a full band which included Camilla Wynne Ingr (former Pony Up!), Jordan Robson-Cramer (Magic Weapon), and Michael Doerksen.

“Sunset Rubdown is built around lyricist Spencer Krug’s unique vocals and eccentric musical compositions. Krug’s lyrics are characterized by surreal and mythological imagery, and often tell epic stories (most notably on their LP Dragonslayer). Musically, the band’s sound is highlighted by distinct drum, keyboard, and guitar signatures. The compositions usually have creative melodies, irregular song structures, and simple instrumentation. Sunset Rubdown’s live performances emulate the full sound and passion captured on their recordings.”


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