Ed Sheeran Jumpers For GoalPosts Live At Wembley Stadium 2015

This guy really rocks in a minimalist fashion. God, it’s so hard to find such musicianship these days, such pure talent! And such ordinariness, well-contained ego. He could fill Wembley Stadium or join a young lady singing Thinking Out Loud onstage in a mall in Canada without any fanfare.

youtube liner notes

Genre: Pop, Acoustic, Documentary
Released: 2015
October 22, 2015 (The Film Premiere in Leicester Square, London, UK)
July 2015 (Wembley Stadium, London, UK)
Duration: 01:40:35.293 + 00:50:56.179


I. The Film Premiere in London’s Leicester Square

II. Concert Film “Jumpers for Goalposts” (Live at Wembley Stadium)

[01]. I’m a Mess
[02]. Lego House
[03]. Photograph
[04]. Bloodstream
[05]. I See Fire
[06]. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (feat. Elton John)
[07]. Afire Love (feat. Elton John)
[08]. Thinking Out Loud
[09]. The A Team


[10]. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
[11]. Sing


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