The Liberator

The Liberator, just like the Bridge of Spies, is a welcome treat for quite a while. I have not watched a film recently that captured my totality except these two movies. The Liberator is a story of love (two loves actually: Simon and Ma. Teresa & Simon and Manuela), patriotism, internationalism (the Irish contingent), heroism, democracy, betrayal and ‘stupid death’ all seen in the lifetime of Simon Bolivar.

Simon Bolivar: I knew all I need to know the first time I saw you. The rest are just details

Simon Bolivar: I’m ashamed of my own blindness. Man’s true destiny is freedom. The wish to be free is like a natural impulse. It’s an impulse that comes from the gut. It’s like laughing, breathing….

The war of liberation is given, but the internal politics is depressing, which we see up to this day.


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