Rudderless – A Film about Music and more

This escaped me last year even if I was scraping the bottom of what is out there to watch. But I guess you cannot have it all unless you are a very popular movie critic to whose end copies of films are mailed for review. I haven’t read any review of this film. But I like it. Watching it and listening to the music as it unfolded right before you in the film made me crave for them. You have to watch the film to know the ‘more’

Rudderless.jpg assesses: ““Rudderless” is a musical tragedy that will leave you adrift

Critics consensus in Rotten Tomatoes:” Rudderless asks its cast to carry an awful lot of weight for its occasionally manipulative story; fortunately, this talented bunch — led by Billy Crudup — is often more than up to the task.”

The music through Wiki –

The soundtrack album was released on September 30, 2014 by an independent label. It features songs by Eef Barzelay, the film band Rudderless, Selena Gomez and others.[7] The album peaked at No. 12 on Billboard Top Soundtracks chart.[8]

  1. “Home” – Billy Crudup (3:56)
  2. “Over Your Shoulder” – Rudderless (2:32)
  3. “Hold On” – Ben Kweller & Selena Gomez (3:09)
  4. “Sam Spirals” – Eef Barzelay (2:29)
  5. “Beautiful Mess” – Rudderless (2:31)
  6. “Stay with You” – Rudderless (2:31)
  7. “The Two-Year Hungover” – Eef Barzelay (2:21)
  8. “Real Friends” – Rudderless (2:46)
  9. “Asshole” – Ben Limpic (3:13)
  10. “Some Things Can’t Be Thrown Away” – Eef Barzelay (1:13)
  11. “Wheels on the Bus” – Rudderless (1:40)
  12. “A Day on the Water” – Eef Barzelay (1:04)
  13. “The Gig Is Off” – Eef Barzelay (3:26)
  14. “Sing Along” – Billy Crudup (4:26)




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