Digposter.jpgI knew there was a group called The Dandy Warhols, obviously a play on the name of the 70s famous pop artist, but got to listen to them just recently when I got a bargain album of the band a few weeks ago. I also heard about the Brian Jonestown Massacre, whose name also has history in it, in one OST of a film I watched way back then. But it was only after watching this film did I get to know both better. Weird in a sense, this film, which portrayed in the beginning that both were like band brothers, but went on to become arch rivals, if not enemies in the end. It is apparent whose fault it was after watching this rock documentary, which spanned seven years in the making! Kudos to the patient lady director Ondi Timoner. Some kind of a longitudinal research how these bands evolved. The Dandy Warhols made it, the BJM lingered on with minimal commercial success thank to Anton Newcombe, the latter’s leader.

There is no doubt though that the music was more than good. The international music scene was dominated by the Oasis-Blur tiff in Britpop front, while grunge overtook hard rock and shoegaze in the U.S. This is why both Warhols and BJM remained to a degree local cults.




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