Fine Line

Couldn’t get enough of Pure McCartney. It’s endlessly playing in the car, office and in my head. Now I’ve been thinking if there was any best part of the album it would be IMO the string of songs from Ebony and Ivory to Beautiful Night, a good solid seven-song run. The preachy Fine Line follows E&I, then Here Today, enlivened by wonderful Press, and then goes the contagious Wanderlust, appropriately stretched by Winedark Open Sea and bookended by Beautiful Night.

Looking at this section of the four-cd compilation chosen by Paul himself, I realized I am more a fan of Paul in the 80s (Ebony & Ivory, Wanderlust, Press, Here Today), 90s (Winedark Open Sea, Beautiful Night) and the early 2000s (Fine Line). There was not much from Flowers in the Dirt here because the best songs there are co-written with Elvis Costello (My Brave Face, You Want Her Too, Day Is Done). But he should have included at list This One, the flawless Distraction and environmentalist How Many People written to the reggae beat.

In a little while I would do another post on this latest offering from Paul.


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