The Young Messiah

A work of good imagination. Jesus as a seven-year old kid. I was thinking, if Jesus is the Son of God, why did the Bible not feature his boyhood and teenage years at all? He just reemerged in the Bible scene when he was 30. He would  evangelize in the following years only to be crucified three years later.

As far as I can remember his last appearance in the New Testament was when he was missing and found in the temple.

Whether good or bad, films like this have an audience, because of the info gap. Thinking people want answers and one expert cannot simply dismiss pertinent questions.

The film claims no historical basis yet I believe people, not so many perhaps, will come to watch it. Compared to Conjuring 2, its ticket sales may not match in its favor. But I love the full 1 hour and 50 minutes of it.


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