Mr. Robot Set To Return

Numbered S02E00, Mr. Robot refreshes viewers about the past season and gives away some idea about what is there to expect in the coming new season starting this mid-July, “Our infinite loop of insanity,” Mr. Robot himself claims.

White, Black or Grey Hack, this science is gaining ground all over. The competition is stiff, self-imposed among this breed of cyber experts whether in the offensive or defensive side.

While receiving awards for a season successfully concluded with a steady stream of viewers in the U.S., critics were quick to give the series the thumbs up. One interviewed in this pre-Second Season episode claims however that before critics noticed Mr. Robot, viewers already found it.

Parallelism to real life of some episode scenes did not go unnoticed. At least two big things during the 1st season run mirrored, if not preceded, real events and news, one of those interviewed said.

The way to go with hacking probably interests a legion of viewers. It’s a legit voyueristic curiosity in this business, which catapults those players engaged to a different class, that satisfies them. Time and again, shows like this seems to be blurring the line between reality and TV; better, in several scenes, it’s Mr. Robot that defined reality, real events.


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