Beatles’ Fantasy Reunion Concert (Fan-Edit)

Now, you guessed it right. What could have happened if The Beatles reunited for a one-night concert? Here’s the thoughtful setlist by fans drawn from various solo concerts of the boys. Of course, John had the most limited catalog of live Beatles performance.

From notes: As many other fans probably have, I’ve longed imagined what it would be like if The Beatles ever got back together for a concert. Using various live recordings of John, Paul, George, and Ringo (mostly of the ’70s) – I strung together an hour’s worth to create the illusion that whoever listens to this is sitting in the audience at the biggest concert that never happened.

Would they have done all of these songs and in this order? Probably not, but I had to work with what was available to blend well. Anyway, it’s just one possibility to consider. Also included some cool artwork, thanks to those who created it.



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