Imagine turns 45

Listening to Lady Stardust over and over again this morning, probably a result of watching Sing Street because there’s so much David Bowie in the lead character Cosmo, I came across this version. I plan to write something about Imagine anytime soon, but in the meantime, this version.


David Bowie: How do you write your songs?

John Lennon: It’s easy; you just say what you mean and put a back beat to it.

David Bowie: What do you think of my kind of rock and roll?

John Lennon: It’s great, but it’s just rock n’ roll with lipstick on.

As narrated by David Bowie himself.

Notes on this performance: The last show of the Serious Moonlight tour, 8th December, 1983, was the 3rd anniversary of John Lennon’s death, whom Bowie and Slick knew. Slick suggested a few days prior to the show that they play “Across the Universe” as a tribute; but Bowie said, “Well if we’re going to do it, we might as well do ‘Imagine’.” They performed the song on the final night of the tour as a tribute to their friend.



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