Sing Street, the ‘futurist’ band

Sing Street poster.jpegWhen I started watching it, ‘finished it in one sitting. Just couldn’t leave it. It’s like reliving the past, one’s high school, one’s dream to be a rock star, which never materialized. But Conor did it for us as his brother Brendan felt as well.

The songs ‘they composed’ are just great attuned to the musical styles of the times. Conor, nicknamed Cosmo by his would-be GF Raphina, and Eamon were like John and Paul: they absorbed whatever was out there and they turned this into songs of their own: the intro guitar riff of I Fought The Law; the beat of H&O Maneater. And the portrayal of the budding creativity between the two! Just perfect.

The film struck a right chord with me because I saw myself in Cosmo fulfilling the dream of my dreams. Never mind I ended up as Brendan. Read the critics’ and audience’s reviews in RT. Each one articulated different angles and feels for the film. Director John Carney must have done an emerging classic out of this familiar territory.

Rotten Tomatoes’ critics consensus: Sing Street is a feel-good musical with huge heart and irresistible optimism, and its charmimg cast and hummable tunes help to elevate its familiar plotting.

Here’s the site’s summary: Tells the story of a 14-year-old named Cosmo growing up in 80’s Dublin who must break free of a home strained by his parents’ relationship and money troubles, deal with his drop-out older brother’s antics, and survive a new public school where the kids are rough and the brothers are tougher. Cosmo writes a song, forms a scrappy band with some school mates, writes more songs, and shoots some wicked music videos. How to shoot pop videos in a recession ridden country? Beg, borrow and steal. And steal. But when he realizes he can’t save his family, he must make a family of his own.

And the OST, wow, can hardly wait to listen to the whole album of new wave classics interspersed with Sing Street’s own. Here’s the playlist from Wiki:

The movie soundtrack album was released by Decca Records on 18 March 2016. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Rock N Roll Is A Risk (Dialogue) – Jack Reynor
  2. Stay Clean – Motörhead
  3. The Riddle Of The Model – Sing Street
  4. RioDuran Duran
  5. Up – Sing Street
  6. To Find You – Sing Street
  7. Town Called MaliceThe Jam
  8. Inbetween DaysThe Cure
  9. A Beautiful Sea – Sing Street
  10. ManeaterHall & Oates
  11. Steppin’ OutJoe Jackson
  12. Drive It Like You Stole It – Sing Street
  13. Up (Bedroom Mix) – Sing Street
  14. Pop MuzikM
  15. Girls – Sing Street
  16. Brown Shoes – Sing Street
  17. Go Now – Adam Levine

4 thoughts on “Sing Street, the ‘futurist’ band

  1. Great review thanks. Many will miss the irony in the “futurist” band remark. This is a joyful upbeat film that expresses youth’s unshakeable belief in the power of music….a great little gem from The Emerald Isle.

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