Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains

Following Thurston Moore’s Top Ten punk films, I got to his No. 1 first. i haven’t seen the rest of his list save for one or two, but I get his idea of punk.  And punk it is. You don’t need to see SexLadies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains Poster Pistol, The Clash, The Ramones – all these gods of punk rock to understand and get the essence of the film. You just have to live it, by the day with your goal clear and see what happens, if you make it or not. The film is not about the technical side of music, which punk is not, but the attitude. Always.

I remember Bono being asked what rock is, and he answered something like it’s the feel of it. If this film makes the grade, and it may not have because Garry Mulholland did not include it in his book Popcorn: Fifty Years of Rock n’ Roll Movies, probably the joke is on him.

Having said that, it’s hard to simplify or generalize punk rock. It’s always the context of a group whether or not it would see the light.


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