The Making of Abbey Road

The last album the Fab Four did.

Nobody knew for sure that it was going to be the last album – but everybody felt it was. The Beatles had gone through so much and for such a long time. They’d been incarcerated with each other for nearly a decade, and I was surprised that they had lasted as long as they did. I wasn’t at all surprised that they’d split up because they all wanted to lead their own lives – and I did, too. It was a release for me as well.
                                                                                  – George Martin

Bonus: John discusses Abbey Road track-by track where he said Something is the best track in the album.

Published on Mar 8, 2012

John Lennon discusses The Beatles’ newly released ‘Abbey Road’ LP track-by-track with Australian DJ Tony McArthur for his Radio Luxembourg in September 1969. Part 2 of this interview can also be found on our channel.

Part Two of the interview with John on Abbey Road. Of course, the interview drifts from the album from time to time.



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