we jam econo – the story of the minutemen

Watching this documentary film about the punk group The Minutemen is like being sucked into it. The interviews interspersed with footages of live performances of the band suit me well. It’s both an initiation and education about this band.

I know Mike Watt from the mid-1990s when I bought Ball-Hog or Tugboat?, which was actually his first solo album. Bought it because of the guest artists in the album including Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and other grunge personalities

But I didn’t know he belonged to a group called The Minutemen and d,boon was his bandmate with George Hurley on drums and the former died in a car accident in 1985 until now. we jam econo

I don’t really fault people. Everybody can’t be born at the same time. Some people will be born before us. some people during, some people after; and  a lot of that is just circumstance. The question is what’s to be done where you’re at and how you’re gonna do it. Actually what we’re coming on is new to us, we were finding out about it. Probably the same kind of tradition people like Woody Guthrie were from, you know. And maybe some be-boppers. Just taking things in their own hands.  – Mike Watt



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