Two Of Us; Elvis & Nixon

After watching for the second time  in five years Two Of Us, the film regarding the last meeting in 1976 between John and Paul, I was yet treated to another rock and roll-related one with Elvis & Nixon.

The first film was about the last John and Paul encounter, which was fictionalized because no one really knew what happened during that day save for Paul. It was an attempt to recapture the moment where John and Paul seemed to have ironed out a lot of their differences.

Now the second film is about once again a real meeting – this time between Elvis and President Nixon.

I read about this in the book Me and a Guy Named Elvis written by one of the King’s associates who happened to be there, Jerry Schilling.

Elvis & Nixon poster.pngI also read some articles about that meeting in Beatles fan pages, some of which deplored Elvis for betraying The Beatles, particularly John, by accusing the boys of being purveyors of the drug culture and anti-Americanism.

Well, it’s sad that Elvis had to resort to that, but this film lightened the whole thing up. It trimmed the tension leading up to the meeting and stretched the actual encounter big time.

Kevin Spacey did the Nixon part so well and so did Michael Shannon that of Elvis.

Jerry Schilling’s love story is immortalized in this film.

So what’s next?  The 1997 film that predated this one by almost 20 years, Elvis Meets Nixon.


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