Always fascinating



in a dream, within a dream, within a nightmarish restless sleep

I saw visions ‘long ago’ as current, yet all things present lost in quantum leap

back in time, then further back, when all was crystal clear

then as yesterday is to tomorrow, I lost core reflections once held dear

congregation’s congregating, while on a gravestone we made artless love

they were praying for things outside His gift, while we touched heaven above

she came to faraway conclusions, as we spoke of days ahead

sharing a joint and laughing, spilling red wine on the new bedspread

so soon my fate was in her hands, yet she sat there babbling, playing dumb

plaiting Valkyrie blondest pig tails, whilst chewing, chewing gum

in the age before time was precious, flight of fancy defined our vital spark

glorious those days of milk and honey, where anything goes after dark

when falling into or…

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