The Fab Faux Abbey Road Side 2

The main difference between Fab Faux and other Beatles tribute bands is that the former focuses on the music, while the others have divided attention – the music and the hard way they try to look as The Beatles. The Fab Faux are in a league of their own.

Javier Gonzales said a month ago, “Very impressive!!! If ‘The Beatles’ did not make a film of this…these guys sure made a film of ‘The Beatles’. Every bit was done without alterations. Fun to watch and listen. The amount of time, energy these guys must had dedicated to this project. All for our entertainment. Thanks guys.”


12 thoughts on “The Fab Faux Abbey Road Side 2

      1. Yes indeed. I saw them twice and was even more amazed and very impressed with the performances. Funny story about the last show I saw at The Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA. My friend and I had purchased the tickets a few months prior to the show. What a weird weekend weather wise. It was actually snowing the day of the show and we didn’t think we would be able to go due to the weather. We took the chance and it did stop snowing, a real damp and drizzly evening. Finally! The doors open and we were sitting in out seats for about 10-15 minutes, when we noticed two women that kept looking our way. We did not know what to think and just resumed our conversation. The Two women came over to us and said they were with the marketing/promotions team of the theater. They then asked if we would like to switch seats. My friend and I looked at each other like “what is this? this is weird”. The two women said they had 2 seats in the orchestra, front row!! If we were any closer, we would have sat on stage!! LOL! Then to add to the fun, one of the band members turned to his band mates and said (pointing to me) that this guy has been doing all the “air drum” fillers throughout the set. LOL!! My friend and I started to laugh as a lot of folks in the audience started to look at us like we knew the band.
        Sorry for the little long winded reply. I jsut had to share that. My friend and I talk about that show a lot.
        Oh, the bands theme show that night was Rubber Soul.

      2. I envy you. Saw the Bootleg Beatles way back then in 1983 and I was not impressed. But this band is like the Yellow Matter Custard with Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert and Kasim Sulton. It’s pure musicianship, man. I think you would agree with me on this. Just for the love of The Beatles. YMC’s Beatles repertoire is really amazing. I watched their concert and it’s almost effortless.

      3. yes! Effortless! YMC sounded pretty good from what I just saw. I was a bit impressed. Thanks for sharing that band.
        Maybe we’ll meet at a Fab Faux concert one day. My friend and I usually go every year. Unfortunately, she can only go in her area so I just take the time off and visit Pennsylvania for that show plus a few days.
        Enjoy your day.

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