The Eagles I CAN’T TELL YOU WHY Live

Songfacts (

  • This song basically spells it out in the chorus: “Every time I try to walk away, something makes me turn around and stay, and I can’t tell you why.” It’s about a relationship on the rocks – the couple’s arguing intensifies almost to the point of them breaking up one night. The song has no real conclusion and leaves the listener with an intentional melancholy. This is because the couple in the song are neither reconciled or torn apart. The song fades out on this point of uncertainty.
  • Eagles bass player Timothy B. Schmit, who replaced Randy Meisner in 1977, sang lead and was the primary songwriter. When we spoke with Schmit in 2011, he explained: “It was co-written by me and Don (Henley) and Glenn (Frey). I did bring a portion of that song, unfinished, to them back then, because I was new in the band and they wanted to introduce me on a good note, no pun intended. And I had this little piece of a tune that they really liked. It was loosely based on my own experiences.”
  • Glenn Frey played lead guitar on this song, which was rare at the time since Don Felder or Joe Walsh usually played lead, relegating Frey to rhythm.

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