DAVID BOWIE – “Space Oddity” – Live in New York, 1997

Flashback: David Bowie Plays ‘Space Oddity’ at 50th Birthday Concert


He almost never played his 1969 breakthrough hit on his latter-day tours, but he made an exception this one night

Five years earlier, Bob Dylan closed out his all-star Madison Square Garden 30th anniversary concert with solo acoustic renditions of his early tunes “Song to Woody,” “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” and “Girl From the North Country.” In the same spirit of that moment, Bowie relented and ended the night with a haunting, solo acoustic “Space Oddity,” which you can watch right here. Bowie un-retired the hits on the 2003/04 Reality Tour,but despite doing 112 shows, he never once did a complete “Space Oddity.” Every once in a while he’d say to the crowd, “You remember this one…” and play the first few lines of the song to insane applause before stopping cold. “But we’re not playing that one.”