The Days Of Their Life

I got an incomplete copy of this 20-CD set from fellow Beatles fan  Bong who now plays John in the group All You Need Is Love in Canada more than a decade ago. This is the first time I am listening to it.

The set is a chronological journey of the decade-long career of the group that was broadcast in 1981. The recently downloaded complete set came with covers and inner sleeves of each CD – a real treat for the uninitiated and collectors alike.


I am into CD 2,which traces the first recordings of The Beatles with EMI. George Martin figures heavily in this episode as he was the one that brought the group into EMI and produced them. One popular story is The Beatles’ rejection of the suggestion of George Martin to record and release as the boys’ single the song by Mitch Murray, How Do You Do It? The Beatles recorded it, but refused to release as their follow-up single to Love Me Do – an indication of their emerging confidence.


It’s interesting to compare the versions of the song by The Beatles and that of Gerry and the Pacemakers, the group that released it as a single and brought it to the top of the charts. Both recordings are in this disc. Hands-down it’s The Beatles version. G&TP’s version is a straight one, vocal-wise. John’s take on it does the song more justice with his threatening tone.

As may be seen, Disc 2 covers the album Please Please Me and two more singles: From Me To You and She Loves with their corresponding flip sides.