The Days of Their Life, Disc Three



The birth of Beatlemania. This is the way this disc started. The date of the birth of Beatlemania was ascertained: October 1963, which preceded the Kennedy assassination by a few weeks. Disc Three also covered the sophomore album by the group called With The Beatles, with the narratives in the program cleverly divided into sections by tracks from the album.

It’s not without surprises like the first two discs: we get to hear side by side The Beatles version Rolling Stones’s take on I Wanna Be Your Man. The popular story about this song is that one afternoon The Fabs, on the way to the studio, chanced The Rolling Stones and invited Mick and Keith to join them. On the way there, Mick asked John and Paul for a song. Paul offered a song which they were still working on. When they arrived in the studio, John and Paul went to a corner, finished off I Wanna Be Your Man and gave it away to the Glimmer Twins. Some say this incident started the Rolling Stones duo to write their own songs.



Other inclusions in the disc are the German versions of She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand. And the wonderful three-part vocal classic This Boy plus their first ever Christmas offering exclusive then to the fans.