For George on his 15th Death Anniversary

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

You Tube: A beautiful song from a beautiful man

LoriCiani, 4 months ago: THIS is my favourite George Harrison song. I think it’s one of those rare songs that when you hear it, the song wraps itself around you like a warm blanket and you never want it to end. Or is that just me?😯

What Is Life?

You Tube: George Harrison`s What Is Life was a #10 USA hit single in 1971 and #3 hit in Germany but was not released in the UK as a single

Drew Hunkins, 2 months ago: Phenomenal song, one of my favorites. And, Scorsese used this song to astonishing effect in arguably the best film of the last 30 years, ‘Goodfellas.’

Blow Away

Wiki: The song is one of Harrison’s most popular and beloved post-Apple singles, and also one of the simplest. Its uptempo pop sound fell far outside the dominant genres of the era: disco and punk.

In his autobiography, I, Me, Mine, Harrison says that the song arose from feelings of frustration and inadequacy resulting from a leaking roof at his Friar Park home. While viewing the downpour from an outbuilding on the property, he realised that, in surrendering to the problem, he was merely exacerbating it. With this realisation, the episode served as a reminder that he, in fact, “loved everybody” and should seek to be more optimistic. Additionally, he notes that, while he initially felt self-conscious about the song, thinking it “so obvious”, the track grew on him when he recorded it.