Quotes Madam Secretary, S03E08

Image result for images madam secretary season threeToo sad reason eludes political discourse in many corners of the world today. Glad to have come across this exchange:

Henry McCord to his son Jason: Once Fred Reynolds becomes president, what then?

Jason: Then he’s president.

Henry McCord: What’s his position say on Iran?

Jason: He wants every country to control its destiny.

Henry McCord: What does it mean exactly?

Jason: Self-determination.

Henry McCord: So, if Iran is self-determined to acquire nuclear weapons does Reynolds think we should let them? Do you?

Image result for images madam secretary season threeJason: No, no. I’m not sure.

Henry McCord: And yet you’re sure he’ll make a better president?

Jason: What’s your point?

Henry McCord: Your knowledge is a mile wide and an inch deep. You know what does that make you? A poser; a dilettant. If you’re gonna support someone and publicly humiliate your family in the process, then you damn well better be able to defend them. So either you educate yourself, or stop talking.