Pete Townshend in an RS interview

“…One of the performers was Paul McCartney. Roger told me a storyearlier this year about how you opened for the Beatles and John Lennon watched you from the side of the stage, and then later they did “I Feel Fine,” which had some feedback in it. He thought they were watching you closely.
Well, we knew the Beatles liked us. Paul McCartney expressed it to my face, but John Lennon didn’t [laughs]. I think Keith Moon hung out with John Lennon a few times and really liked him. He said he was good fun, but he was always very cool with me and I could never quite work out why.”

This quote gave me an idea. If there is a book I would write about The Beatles, it would be one that would explore the band’s (as a group and as individuals) relationship with other musicians; who they fancied/fancy, who they rubbed the wrong way (eg Ray Davies vis-a-vis John) and the like. The songs they liked of other artists. For one, I loved how John gave encouraging words to Karen Carpenter when he chanced him in an LA restaurant. Putting these bits of stories together plus other more trivias would provide credence to what John said, “We influence as much as we are influenced.”