Close To The Enemy, Ep. 6

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Callum: (on being asked to debut his piano composition. Reminds me of John throwing up minutes before he was called on stage for his Toronto concert with Eric Clapton and Klaus Voorman, his first outside the boys.)

I’ve never been so terrified. Funny Normandy was nothing compared to this

Angela Bassett playing Eva, an American musician contracted to perform in the hotel: This man has a use after all. And the other thing I take back. I thought tonight was gonna be a disaster. But it hasn’t been bad at all, has it? It’s dangerously close to being a success.


Enchanting mini-series

Close To The Enemy, a seven-part TV series set in 1946 right after the Axis Power surrender and the Cold War ensued. The struggle for superiority in military armament began even among what used to Allies during WWII. 

If there’s anything I discovered in this TV series, it is that I am attracted more to those programs with definite timelines. 

I hope Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand would find producers and directors to serialize this massive volume equalled only in size by Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables and Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peacťe