My first Beatles book

It was a good re-read last night

John died on December 8 1980 and this was published in the same month. The interview with Barbara Graustark is a concise version of the definitive Playboy Interviews John gave around that time.

The opening chapter always fascinated me:

Years ago, I heard of a man who went to the movie Ben Hur every day, often staying for several showings. Between shows, he would stand in the lobby and make bets who would win the chariot race, always betting on the charioteer whose wheel loosened and came off, sending his chariot crashing into the bleachers.

“Why does the wheel always come off?” he kept saying. “Eventually it’s got to change, it’ll stay on, and he we will win the race.”

I began to understand him the week of John Lennon’s death.

On the Thursday after the murder, I was still buying every paper… in what I realize now was the hope that if I finally bought the right paper, the news would change…John Lennon would be alive and well. I never found the newspaper…