The Day of Their Life, Disc 6

Help! period: before and after. This radio program is turning out to be the most definitive of The Beatles that I heard over 20 years.

Narrative 1 deals with their ’64 committed gigs, the beginning of the recording of the soundtrack for the Help! film, Ringo talks of his wedding with Maureen, and Ringo reveals he can’t swim, which was demanded of the role, the single from the upcoming album, which is also track no. 7, Ticket To Ride. John proudly claims this was the first heavy metal song.

Narrative 2: Yes It Is, the b-side of TTR, which showcases the vocal harmonization prowess of the boys.

Narrative 3: Don’t miss out on Vic Spinetti’s account of the four separate ┬ávisits from JPGR, which characterize the boys. John the realist and Ringo the fantasist, to say the least.

Plus the MBE. In His Own Write John gave an interview. And finally Help! John crying out from for helpand Paul’s great flip side I’m Down.

Narrative 4: Film premiere and Help! Album release and its North American version.

Narrative 5: John doing Dylan with You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.

Narrative 6: George having two songs in the album.

Narrative 7 to 10: Introduced the succeedings songs from the album – Another Girl, You’re Gonna Lose That Girl, Act Naturally with Ringo on lead vocals, It’s Only Love.

Narrative 11 to 13: George with You Love Me Too Much, Tell Me What You See, I’ve Just Seen A Face

Narrative 14: Yesterday, the 4th richest song on earth in terms of royalties.

Narrative 15 introduces Dizzy Miss Lizzie. and the rest of the narratives touched on the Beatles ’65 tour, highlighted by the Shea Stadium performance before a 56,000 crowd.