Madam Secretary, S03E14

Predictably I will quote this. “The most painful state of being is remembering the future.” – Kierkegaard

This episode is for the millennials


And, ohhh! that Peter Frampton shirt. A true rocker.



Beatles albums 1971-1980, Part 1

Coffee break.

Imaginative fans never run out of ideas. Just finished listening to the three albums some fans selected and compiled from solo albums of the four Beatles and imagined these would have been released as double LPs in 1971, 1975 and 1981 had the boys continued to work as a band.

The liner notes: Imagine if The Beatles had not disbanded and, after having released a double LP in 1971 (That Would Be Something), and a double LP in 1975 (Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long), they then released a double LP in 1981 …Watching The Wheels. Using 1976-1981 solo material this attempts to create a 1981 Beatles album that fits on a single CD or double vinyl LP.

The Beatles – That Would Be Something, 1970-1971

01 Instant Karma! 3:19 (John)
02 My Sweet Lord 4:38 (George)
03 Maybe I’m Amazed 3:50 (Paul)

04 Jealous Guy 4:14 (John)
05 If Not For You 3:29 (George)
06 Every Night 2:32 (Paul)
07 Working Class Hero 3:49 (John)

08 Too Many People 4:12 (Paul)
09 Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) 3:47 (George)
10 I Found Out 3:36 (John)
11 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 4:52 (Paul)
12 It Don’t Come Easy 3:02 (Ringo)

13 Oh My Love 2:43 (John)
14 What Is Life 4:21 (George)
15 Tomorrow 3:24 (Paul)
16 Love 3:09 (John)

17 That Would Be Something 2:39 (Paul)
18 Mother 4:59 (John)
19 Run Of The Mill 2:50 (George)
20 Another Day 3:42 (Paul)
21 Imagine 3:03 (John)
22 All Things Must Pass 3:45 (George)

Total time = 79:56