Childhood’s End

Why did I not watch this much earlier? It’s a three-part series based on Arthur Clarke’s writing. Attempts were made to adapt this to visual presentation since the 60s, but it was only now that dream came to fruition.

Childhoods End.jpegIt’s everything. It’s like Independence Day when aliens hovered above you, but were drastic. It’s like the Truman Show where you are watched over 24/7. It’s a totalitarian force with the capability to persuade. ┬áBut what is more. It’s a regime that shows results primarily to pacify.

I have only watched the first of the three installments, yet I am disturbed by the invaders’ benevolence.

It doesn’t help that the so-called freedom fighters come right from some vested interest groups.

But just like The Brave New World, Clarke tried to predict the future by basing it on the current (and, probably universal) traits of humans.

No war, no disease, no poverty, but at what cost? I remember Quezon’s words: I’d rather have a government run like hell by Filipinos than one run like heaven by the Americans. This is an approximation. In other words, freedom.

That is why it may have been called Childhood’s End.