Travesty on international scale?

Engelbert vs. The Beatles, February 1967.

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When Release Me did not allow the double A-sided Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever from gaining the No. 1 spot and held both in the second position.


Engelbert Humperdinck: The Beatles, the best band in the world, you know, and along came this little lad from Lester with the song called Release Me and stopped them from having their 13th No. 1. It was very lucky of me to do that.


______________________: That was a travesty on international scale! We, me and my friends, together with my sisters, were heartbroken. We couldn’t believe it. It seemed that life could be genuinely unfair.

For me, it’s OK. The Beatles could not have it all. Release Me may not be popular today compared to Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, but it was at that time. So give it to the song.