Beatles Bootlegs, Part One

I’m into this lately, revisiting a lot of these classic bootlegs. This interest was triggered by a lot of uploads in Demonoid, which is up again in March after a two-month hiatus.

The first is Baby Let’s Play House & Puttin’ On The Style, which is offered to have been recorded the day John & Paul met in that historic Garden Fete in St. Peter’s Parish Church in Woolton on July 6, 1957. John fronted a band called The Quarrymen at that time and performed that afternoon.

This was uploaded by ParnHawk in March 2010

youtube: The Quarry Men perform Puttin’ on the Style & Baby let’s play house. Pete Shotton arranged for the group to perform at the summer fete of St Peter’s Parish Church in Woolton, held on Saturday, July 6, 1957 That is where Paul met John for the first time!


Baby let’s play house – 0:000:23

Puttin’ on the style excerpt 1, 2, 3 (ghostly ^^) 0:24-end

Notice that after the artists rendition of the John&Paul meeting, the photo’s show another gig of the Quarry Men, which they had a bit later.

Extra info by Pierre Carlo Conde: “Actually this recording was made after John and Paul already met. The Quarrymen did 2 sets during the Garden Fete. John and Paul met in between those 2 sets. A policeman named Bob Molyneux recorded this using a portable Grundig TK 8 tape recorder. It was sold to EMI for 78,500 pounds. Currently it’s unknown if Yoko Ono or Paul McCartney has the original recording…”

Veryfied this on abbeyrd, read the whole story at: (not my page, not affiliated)

The next one is a section of a radio program, which describes a time when John traded for a Beatles bootleg back record in December 1971. Uploaded by spinalcrackerbox in March 2013.

Youtube: WPLJ-FM New York from January 23rd 1972 describing a meeting and a remarkable trade John Lennon made with a fan on December 7th in NY.