The Killing of John Lennon

Mark David Chapman:

My whole life was pointed in one direction. I can see that now. There has never been any choice for me.

Normal kids don’t grow to shoot ex-Beatles.

Things that you liked as a child stay with you for life.

I began to take refuge in public places; I love the library. I love the smell of books. All that learning is the essence of something orderly.

(On Catcher in the Rye) I haven’t read it since I was 16. It would burn in my hand. It’s like an electric current passing through my body and lighting up all the cells in my brain. Here was something I can identify with, my phony kind of life. And the more I read, the more I see myself in its pages. I was actually becoming its hero – Holden Caulfield.


The fourth picture shows how he arranged his documents to provide clues to the police once they found his things in his hotel room.

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One Day At A Time, I have this book

Unlike Chapter 27,  this effort (2006, that is year earlier than Jared Leto’s) is more comprehensive in scope. Chapter 27 focused on the last three days (December 6-8), his last trip to New York to do what he planned to do. The Killing of John Lennon goes back farther to September 1980 – his circumstances on the eve of his first visit to New York.