The Quarrymen’s first

From Michelle Hunter’s @The John Lennon Revolution

60 Years Ago Today 

Saturday June 22, 1957, John Lennon’s first band, The Quarrymen, performed two sets of skiffle and rock’n’roll during street celebrations marking the 750th anniversary of King John’s issuance of the Royal Charter. Street parties were held throughout the city, each competing with its neighbour in the lavishness of decoration, food and outdoor entertainment that had not been seen since the Coronation.

“Our first appearance was in Rosebery Street. They had this party out in the street. We played from the back of a lorry. We didn’t get paid. We played at blokes’ parties after that; perhaps got a few bob, but mostly we just played for fun. We didn’t mind about not being paid.”  John Lennon, 1967 (The Beatles by Hunter Davies)