John Lennon Sings The “Band On The Run” Album – New Year 1975

It started as fun and ended just as that. John and his coterie of musician-friends just performed practically the BOTR album of Paul. For whatever intention or reason. But it was obvious that many of them knew the album by heart including Mamunia, Picasso’s Last Words, No Words and Mrs. Vanderbilt. Simply amazing. John seemed to have led the singing and directed the whole thing.

How authentic this is I really don’t know. John for one in some parts did not sound like the natural John. Well…

Here’s a shorter cut of it but with other Wings songs. 

It must be 1980 as the second video says. Because of Mull of Kintyre.

Hmmm. Interesting because we only have one source. Earlier he said 1975-6.

Enjoyed the comments though