Band On The Run album – Paul McCartney

My son Janjan and I are into Band On The Run album lately. I introduced him to the album, which I also rediscovered somehow. I was not a big fan of it before until recently. But I still prefer Tug of War and Flowers in the Dirt as Paul’s best. But if we talk of Wings, Ram ranks high and BOTR, of course.

I let him listen to the part of the bonus disc where Dustin Hoffman talked about Paul’s genius in writing songs. Particularly, Drink To Me (Picasso’s Last Words) and he was amazed by the story. I was amazed myself, but for another reason: why did I miss telling him the story myself?!

Anyway, No Words ranks high in his preference together with Drink To Me. But his favorite I notice is Bluebird aside from the title track.

Here’s Dustin Hoffman’s story.

He also heard John with friends singing the most of the songs in the album. “They must have listened to the album many times so they can casually perform the songs,” he told me echoing the comments in the youtube video I shared a week ago.