The Beatles – Revolution 9 (An Abstract Explanation Of An Abstract Song)

Still trying to make of this. This just popped out when I opened my computer.

Matthew Bolin tried to do it four hours ago:

(P)enny Lane = On PL there is a Barber…. (E)leanor Rigby = Died and was buried…. (A)ll You Need is Love = Love is All You Need (C)ry Baby Cry = The King was in the Garden….** (E)——See the First “E” **CORRECTION: (C)ome together = Got to be a Joker Cypher = PEACE

TheHollyHobs once more. This was uploaded last week, while the one above was seven hours ago.

Javier Andrade, three days ago: I binge watched your videos start to finish and the leap in production value and over all concepts is fucking astonishing. And the dramatization in the beginning??? Good god was I moved. One of the most underrated channels on YouTube. I, like many of us, had grown up with the Beatles. After years of listening to them in passing, your videos definitely shine a light on these guys that really makes me appreciate them as artists and as historical figures. So thank you very much for reviving this down on his luck college student’s interest in The Beatles.

Here it is: