“Send my love to Rosie, wherever she may be,” – John Lennon

That quote is in the intro of the song. Rosie is Rosie Hamlin of the Rosie & The Originals.

I learned about this song when Yoko released Menlove Avenue in 1986. A year later, this was featured in the film Date With An Angel, which starred Phoebe Cates-Kline. I remember the song, but nothing about the film. Like any fan, just wanted to see Phoebe then.

Anyway, this did not make it to John’s Rock N Roll album. The song was originally recorded by Rosie & The Originals in 1960. Rosie (the songwriter) considers John’s version as the best cover of the song. She died three months ago I just learned.

Some critics dismiss John’s vocals here. But more than many are touched by his rendering.

Catherine Vaz, a year ago: I wonder if he had been alive still, would he have made more songs like this one? Cause it’s by far my favourite of John Lennon. Can’t help myself but repeat it again and again and again…Oh, wait, that’s the lyrics of “Woman”, lol…